About the Vuecrest Community Association

  The Vuecrest Community Association is a Homeowner's Association for a plat of 204 single-family homes in Bellevue, Washington.  The land was platted in 1946, the Association was formed in 1947, and incorporated in 1952.

Vuecrest Quick Facts

Fun facts and statistics about Vuecrest, by the numbers.

Item Amount
 Date of incorporation  April 25, 1947
 Size of the entire community  80 acres
 Number of homes in the community  204
 Average lot size  About 12,000 sq ft

 Streetlight facts  
 Number of streetlights in the community  99
 Original installation  1971
 Original cost  About $25,000
 Source of funds  Vuecrest Community
 Conversion from gas to electricity  1982
 Conversion cost  About $250,000
 Source of funds  City/Vuecrest 50/50 split
 Total refurbishment project  2005-2007
 Project scope  repaint, new domes, new globes
 Project cost  About $35,000
 Source of funds  City/Vuecrest 50/50 via Matching Grants
 Source of labor  Volunteers
 Completion  Summer 2007

 Mailbox facts
 Number of mailboxes in the community  204
 Number of shared mailbox stands  About 37
 Original installation of mailboxes  unknown
 First organized effort to share stands / replace mailboxes  mid 1980's
 Most recent mailbox and stand replacement effort  2007
 Number of locking mailboxes in the community  > 90%
 Number of residences that actually receive mail in their mailboxes  About 90%
 Number of mailboxes replace in most recent effort  About 100
 Cost of most recent mailbox replacement effort  About $15,000
 Source of funds  City/Vuecrest split via Matching Grants
 Perimeter facts  
   100th Ave wall
 Installation date 1986-1987
 Wall construction  Masonry
 Easements required  5' from all abuttors
 Original cost  About $164,000
 Source of funds  City/Vuecrest 50/50 split via L.I.D.
 East, West and Main entrance walls added with signage & landscaping  1999-2000
 Cost  About $35,000
 Source of funds  Vuecrest Community
   Southeast Wall (corner of 100th Ave to Park Road)  
 Original installation  Mixed
 Ownership/Maintenance  Individual homeowner
 Conversion to masonry  TBD, proposed in 2008
 Estimated cost  > $300,000
 Source of funds  one half via N.E.P.
   South Central Wall (Park Road to 96th Ave NE)
 Installation date  2004
 Fence construction  Wood
 Original cost  None to Vuecrest
 Source of funds  Neighborhood Enhancement Program
 Construction type  pressure treated 6x6 posts, 1x6 slats
 Ownership/Maintenance  City of Bellevue
   South-Southwest Wall (96th Ave NE to 92nd Ave NE)  
 Installation date  2009
 Fence construction  Wood
 Cost  None to Vuecrest
 Source of funds  City Capital Improvement Program
 Construction type  pressure treated 6x6 posts, 1x6 slats
 Ownership/Maintenance  Individual homeowner
  West Wall (92nd Ave NE)
 Original installation  Mixed
 Ownership/Maintenance  Individual homeowner

 Water, Sewer and Storm facts  
 Number of storm drains in the community  85
 Storm drains destination  Lake Washington
 Number of sewer covers in the community  51
 Diameter of sewer pipes  8"
 Size of most water supply pipes  4"
 Size of pipes on Vineyard Crest  6"
 Size of trunk line from Clyde Hill, running under E. side of Hilltop and down Park  12"
 Storm drains stenciled for salmon protection  2006
 Storm drains stencils replaced with 4" round pavement markers  2007, in a pilot program
 Source of labor  Volunteer, Matt LaPine

 Rights of Way
 Number of inter-lot right-of-ways  3
 Number presently open / accessible  3
 Efforts to open right-of-ways started  1987
 Efforts re-started  several times since
 Efforts completed      2012

 Common Areas infrastructure facts  
 Number of entrances  3
 City right-of-way at side entrances  30 feet from center of road
 City right-of-way at main entrance  45 feet from center of road
 Power originally installed at main entrance  1960's
 Power original capacity  35 amps, ungrounded
 Original cost  unknown
 Lighting and plugs installed  unknown
 Lighting and plugs cost  unknown
 Power replaced at main entrance  2008
 Power current capacity  150 amps, grounded
 Power system replacement cost  About $30,000
 Lighting and plugs updated  several times, most recently 2004
 Lighting and plugs completely replaced  2008
 Lighting system  Metal Halide, 35W ballasted fixtures
 Plug system  GFCI, switchable to synchronize with lighting or independent as needed
 Lighting and plug system replacement cost  About $35,000
 West entrance lighting installed  2001
 Original cost  About $300
 Lighting replaced  TBD
 Replacement cost  About $2,000
 U.S. Flag improvement  
 Flagpole for U.S. flag installed on south esplanade  2004
 Cost  About $5,000
 Source of funds  City/Vuecrest split via Matching Grants
 Size of flag flown  5' x 8'
 Flag lifetime  About six months
 Flag replacement cost  About twenty dollars
 Common Areas tree landscape facts  
 "Thundercloud" Plum trees installed to visually tie the community together  1950's
 Number of trees installed  800
 Source of funds  Donation: John and Mary Wilson
 Number estimated still surviving  About 50
 "Mt. Fuji" cherry trees installed on the Park Road esplanades  1970's
 Number of trees installed  3
 Original cost  unknown
 Source of funds  unknown
 "Mt Fuji" cherry trees replaced on the Park Road esplanades  2007
 Number of trees installed  5
 Replacement cost  $5,000
 Source of funds  Donation: John E. Bacon
 Large evergreen at main entrance  "Blue Atlas" Cedar
 Large deciduous tree at north end of south esplanade  Oak
 Large deciduous tree at south end of north esplanade  Empress of Asia