Neighborhood Improvements

The City of Bellevue has a number of programs intended to recruit citizen involvement in defining and implementing improvements benefiting the neighborhoods in the City.  Vuecrest is an active participant in these programs, including:

Neighborhood Match Program

Each year, the City makes a limited amount of funds (total of about $50,000) available as a matching fund for small projects that Communities undertake.  Grant applications are accepted from January through February of each year.  Matches can be as high as $5,000.  For more information, see the City of Bellevue Neighborhood Match Program web pages.  Examples of Vuecrest projects leveraging Match funds:

U.S. flagpole installation on the Park Road esplanade (2004)

Streetlight renovations (2005-2006)

Locking mailboxes and mailbox stands (2007)
Park Road esplanades power & lighting upgrade/replacement (2008)
West public Right-of-Way redevelopment (2009)
Southwest Monument (2010)
North public Right-of-Way redevelopment (2011)
East public Right-of-Way redevelopment (2012)


The Vuecrest Community Association has also self-funded a large number of neighborhood improvements.  Among them:

Masonry corner wall and signage at 100th Ave NE and NE 8th St

Curved masonry entry walls at all entrances  (1998)
Landscaping, irrigation and signage at the Park Road, Belfair Lane and Sunset Lane entrances  (1998)
Power & Lighting at the Belfair Lane and Sunset Lane entrances  (2010, 2011)

Landscaping and irrigation on the Park Road esplanades  (2004)

Trees on the Park Road esplanades  (2007)

Plugs for holiday lighting on the Park Road esplanades  (2010)

Little Match Program

In 2005, the City introduced the "Little Match" program.  This program provides small matching funds, up to $250 per grant, to help neighborhoods get organized.  Grant requests will be evaluated based on how well they meet the following criteria:

Cooperation: Project brings people together to address issues, solve problems, or build community.

Sustainable: Project is a one-time expenditure that makes a lasting impact on the neighborhood.

Inclusive:  Applicant actively seeks to involve all affected residents in the activities.

Supported: Project has community leadership and support.

Feasible: Activity can be completed within budget and on time.

Relevant: Activity benefits the entire neighborhood.

Like Neighborhood Match, applications are accepted from January through February.  For more information, see the Little Match Program web page on the City of Bellevue web site.

Neighborhood Enhancement Program (NEP)

The Neighborhood Enhancement Program.  The NEP has been a significant component of the city's overall outreach effort since 1988.  Under NEP, funds are set aside for for projects suggested by and voted on by residents in selected areas of the city.  Areas rotate, and our Community gets to participate about every four years.  There is around $300,000 available for selected projects. 

   The NEP program has been placed on hiatus until at least 2014 due to the effects of the 2008-2009 recession. Our next NEP opportunity is projected in 2016.  Vuecrest has had limited success with past NEP efforts.

Local Improvement District (LID)

For large projects, the Community can work with the City to establish a Local Improvement District.  Under an LID, the City passes an ordinance to establish the scope of work, costs, responsibilities and timeframes.  Examples of Vuecrest's use of the LID process include:

The installation of the masonry wall on 100th Ave 

The conversion of the streetlights from gas to electric (1982)

The original installation of the streetlights (1971)

    No LID's are presently in progress or planned.  This is no longer a preferred form of funding