Who We Are

Vuecrest Board of Directors

The Vuecrest Board of Directors consists of six people that serve staggered three-year terms.  Directors are elected by Members in Good Standing at the Annual Meeting of the Association.  Directors may also be appointed to fill vacancies.  The current Board of Directors are listed below.

 Position  Term Expires
 Who Contact
 2016 (open)
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 2 2016 Jonathan Kagle
 3 2015 Marc Lapsley
 4 2015 Eileen Foley (interim)
 5 2017 Janet McClure
 6 2017 Eric Passmore

Vuecrest Officers

The Vuecrest Officers are selected by the Board of Directors; the President and Vice President are required to be Directors; the Secretary and Treasurer are appointed by the President, and are not required to be Directors.  All Officers serve one-year terms.  The current Officers are:

Position   Name  Contact  Notes
 President  Jonathan Kagle
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 Vice President  Marc Lapsley

 Secretary  Eileen Foley    
 Treasurer  Eric Passmore  

Vuecrest Committees

There are several committees that Directors and Officers draw upon to help the Community run smoothly.  Their information is posted below.

Committee   Name  Contact  Notes
Architectural/Building     Marc Lapsley

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Safety  Eileen Foley  
Landscaping  Rick Adell
Social  Melissa Hambleton  
Welcoming (open)

Newsletter  (open)    
Good Neighbor  Jonathan Kagle  
Web & Social Media    Eric Passmore