Governing Documents

  Document  Link  Notes
 Covenants, Codes and Restrictions  Vuecrest CC&R's 22-Apr-2005  current CC&R's
 By-Laws  Vuecrest By-Laws 22-Apr-2005  current by-laws
 Articles of Incorporation   Vuecrest Articles of Incorporation 24-Jan-2002 updated articles of incorporation
 Washington State Law on Homeowner Associations  RCW 64.38: Homeowners' Associations  

Other documents:


Rental Property Policy 


Redevelopment Escrow Policy 


Building and Remodeling Guide 


Subdividing - opinion from Cable, Langenbach, Kinerk &  Bauer, LLP


Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Director's and Association meetings are posted in the Vuecrest Online section.  You must be a member of the Vuecrest Community Association to access them.


Old Press Articles

  Publication  Date  Article
 Seattle Times  29-Dec-1998  Medina Continues Battle Against Jet Noise Over City
 HOME  10-Nov-1996  Location Key to Vuecrest's Success
 Seattle Times  01-Apr-1991  Rising Tension Over Bellevue Zoning
 Bellevue American  19-Feb-1976  Vuecrest: Near 30, Still Thriving

Note that more recent press articles are posted in the Forums.


Other Historical Documents

  Document  Link  Notes
 Covenants, Codes and Restrictions  Vuecrest CC&R's 28-Mar-2001  prior CC&R's
 By-Laws  Vuecrest By-Laws 24-Jan-2002  prior by-laws
 Articles of Incorporation  Vuecrest Articles of Incorporation  original articles of incorporation
 Amendment to Articles of Incorporation  Amendment to Articles of Incorporation 24-Jan-2002